No Driveway? Follow These Tips For Dumpster Rental

When a person rents a dumpster, the dumpster service typically comes and drops the dumpster off in their driveway. If you do not have a driveway, you might think that renting a dumpster is not an option for you. But that's not necessarily the case. Here are a few tips and pieces of advice to put into action if you're hoping to rent a dumpster without a driveway.

1. Consider renting a small dumpster and having it set in the yard.

If there is a yard in front of your home, and if the landlord or other relevant parties do not mind you setting a dumpster there, you can probably get away with renting a small one and having it set directly on the dirt. As long as it has not rained a lot lately and the ground is relatively solid, a smaller dumpster — say, a 10-yard one — should not sink. Do call the dumpster service beforehand and let them know that you'll be having the dumpster set in a yard so they can prepare for this. Ensure that they do not have a policy against setting dumpsters on grass and that they do rent smaller, 10-yard dumpsters. (Not all dumpster rental companies do.)

2. Ask a neighbor if you can use their driveway.

If a neighbor has a driveway, and if you have a reasonably amicable relationship with that neighbor, ask them if they would be willing to have a dumpster in their driveway for a day or two. You could let them use some space in the dumpster in exchange for their kindness. Maybe they have a garage that needs to be cleaned out, or perhaps they want to demolish a bathroom and need a place for the waste. You might need to rent a larger dumpster to accommodate their trash, too, but when you have a stable driveway to park it on, that's possible. If the neighbor's driveway is a bit of a walk from your house, just buy a wheelbarrow and use it to haul trash from your home to the dumpster.

3. See about parking on the side of the road.

Some municipalities will allow a dumpster to be parked on the side of the road for a limited time if you have no other place to put it. This is a good choice for apartment homes that are set close to the street with little to no front yard space. Make sure you know exactly what the restrictions are before you ask a dumpster company to leave a dumpster on the side of your road. You may need to have it picked up within 24 or 48 hours, and you may need to ensure it is less than a certain distance from the curb. 

With one of the strategies above, you should be able to rent a dumpster in spite of your lack of driveway.